3rd October 2022: Community Playlist on BBC Radio Norfolk & Suffolk

I was invited onto The Sophie Little Show, on BBC Radio Norfolk & Suffolk, last week to select the Community Playlist. I was on Sophie’s show a few years ago, so it was great to be back and share some updates. For my playlist, I took inspiration from some key moments in my life, such as getting married and starting out in my career. I also selected a song from Ingrid Plum’s latest album, Corporeality, which features my artwork on the cover. The song ‘Stutter’ inspired me in particular, which was created when Ingrid developed a stutter when she was recovering from COVID. It reminded me of the power of creativity, of channeling complex life/health experiences into creative practice, which I can relate to

If you’d like to listen again, you can listen again for up to 30 days from the broadcast date (30th September 2022) on BBC Radio Norfolk‘s play-back page