2022: Fauna and Flora exhibition, The Yare Gallery

I’ll be displaying an evolving working/installation space in The Yare Gallery‘s Fauna & Flora exhibition to showcase my arts practice over the Summer, from 16th July to 1st September. My display includes plant-based artwork, such as Cyanotype and Anthotype photography, and eco solar dyeing. All of the work will be created using plants I’ve grown in my garden and foraged locally

I’ll be popping up in the gallery until the show closes on 1st September. I’ll be sharing my approaches, including adding some ‘recipes’ to my display, as well as chatting to visitors. I’ll be at the gallery on: Wednesdays 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th and 31st August from 12pm-4pm (last entry: 3:30pm) and at other gallery opening times through the summer. You’ll find my work on the second floor of the gallery, in a room with great artist company

As part of this process of working with plants, I will be doing research into their origins, uses, names and mythologies. I’m particularly interested in the heritage of plants, especially those that are classified as “weeds” or “invasive” in contemporary times. I will be collating my research in a document and including my findings in my display at The Yare Gallery

This is the exhibition text to accompany the evolving installation:

Local Gorleston-based artist Genevieve Rudd will be working in the gallery during the Fauna and Flora exhibition. She will be creating solar dyed fabrics in jars and photographic prints, using Cyanotype and Anthotype methods. The work will be made using locally-foraged and garden-grown plants. The display will develop and change throughout the exhibition period, in alignment with the late Summer season. Genevieve will be in/around the gallery on Wednesday afternoons in August if you’d like to learn more about her work

In her arts practice, Genevieve uses multidisciplinary approaches including textile arts, drawing and early photography techniques, such as Cyanotype and Anthotype. From 2008-2011, Genevieve studied BA hons Photographic Arts at University of Westminster. Her inspiration is drawn from the natural world through working directly with plants and the weather, making on-location and utilising natural materials. Within this, she considers themes of time, place and seasonality

Genevieve is also an experienced Community Artist. For 10+ years, she has developed creative projects that encourage closer looking, and that ask about the places and people around us. These include environmental arts, working outdoors, walking and nurturing nature-connection through creativity. Genevieve is also a qualified Wild Beach Leader


responding to the planetary emergency; emerging into new-old ways of knowing, relating to and being with plants and other non-human species; reflective, reflexive, evolving


working with the seasons; exploring locations on foot; embracing seasonal time


transparency of processes; sharing methods and openness about the impact of the work; abundance – of ideas, of connection, of the season of Summer

acting with care

being informed by the wisdom of plants and being an ally; repurposing materials; collecting plants and materials with respect and never taking more than is needed, nor stripping an ecosystem of its living networks