18th July-2nd August 2020: Sculpture in the Valley 2020, Waveney & Blyth Arts – Potton Hall, Suffolk

I am the Project Coordinator for Waveney & Blyth Arts’ 7th annual sculpture event, Sculpture in the Valley 2020. For the event in 2020, we’re setting the brief ‘Reflections on Landscape’ and will be looking for work that responds to that brief. We’re expecting artists to consider ideas about scale (micro to macro), perspectives and interaction between wild and cultivated aspects of the landscape. We are living in the context of climate crisis and this, along with broader perspectives on the landscapes we live in and our relationships with it could be compelling ideas to explore. The work will be selected and curated by this year’s curator David Baldry.

Sculpture in the Valley 2020 is the flagship event of Waveney & Blyth Arts’ annual Celebrate programme, which uses the arts to connect people to the unique features of the Waveney and Blyth river valleys, coastal areas and market towns. Our multi-arts programme offers a lens to view the environment through and to discover the fascination and stories of those connected to the micro-region.

For more information, take a look at the Waveney & Blyth Arts website: https://waveneyandblytharts.com/wba-activities/sculpture-in-the-valley-2020/

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