18th May 2022: Creative Connections with the Coast, Norfolk Wildlife Trust

As part of Creativity & Wellbeing Week 2022, I led a walk and workshop entitled Creative Connections to the Coast. The event was organised by Norfolk Wildlife Trust, hosted at their Cley Marshes visitor centre on the Norfolk Norfolk coast

We started with a walk in the Marshes, exploring a range of different arts-based nature-connection activities. The activities encouraged closer observation of the patterns, sights, sounds and textures in the landscape. To utilise my recent Introduction to Permaculture for Artists & Creatives training, I designed and trialled an approach to observing the self and landscape using ‘Zoning’

In the afternoon, the group created postcard-sized artworks inspired by their experiences in the Marshes, including working from their feelings and sensations from the walk

All images featured copyright to Frederic Landes