5th May 2021: Yarmouth Springs Eternal: How does your exhibition grow?

Kaavous Clayton of originalprojects;, who are a partner on the Yarmouth Springs Eternal project and will be hosting the exhibition at PRIMEYARC, a space they manage for creative communal collaborations in the former Debenhams in Market gates Shopping Centre, shares some of his thoughts about Yarmouth Springs Eternal and the curation of the exhibition.

Optimistic Antidote

Kaavous Clayton at a Yarmouth Springs Eternal session (image credit_Becky Demmen)

After a year of not being able to do what we do, Yarmouth Springs Eternal has felt like an optimistic antidote to being shut away from people and not being to collaborate in any way that has felt meaningful (online experiences just don’t quite do it for me). It has been so nice to see the group that Genevieve has been working with come into PRIMEYARC to work with artists in the landscape of Great Yarmouth.

In the back of my mind thoughts have been swirling about the exhibition. Genevieve and I started talking about possible artists at some point last year, thinking about people who work to connect nature with communities, bringing them together to create something that speaks of both, and also creates something new. We’ve had conversation with some of those artists about the physical things they might show, and also had some thoughts about other things that might be relevant to show alongside them – things like wormeries, dried flowers, a theatre of posies, some pickling and fermentation (Jules, who I live, love and work with, makes some great analogies around the cultures that grow while fermenting and the culture we live in).

We’ve also had thoughts about what the exhibition might look like and how it might work – we’ve had conversations about how a ‘village hall’ aesthetic might make it feel more relaxed and informal, and recently ideas around garden design and the labels used in nurseries for plants have been discussed.

Working through exhibition materials (image credit_Becky Demmen)

And I find myself starting to have a clear picture of what the exhibition could look like and how I’d arrange it, but I keep having to check myself, because this project is about working with people, and whilst we all have our own ideas, it’s what happens to those ideas when they’re put out into the world for other people to respond to, and to come back with their thoughts, so it’s going to develop through a sharing of these ideas with the Yarmouth Springs Eternal group, and seeing what ideas they come up with in response.

Analogies from the natural word are hard to resist whilst thinking about this project, and here’s one in relation to creating collaboratively. Regardless of however many systems we try to put in place to restrict peoples organic ways of thinking and living, we always find a way to go round them, or under them, or over them, in the same way that nature always finds a way to overcome our manmade obstructions, which is hardly surprising, as we are nature after all.

Using pieces created as part of the community artist-led community walks/workshops to create a display for the exhibition (image_credit Becky Demmen)


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