25th May 2021: Yarmouth Springs Eternal: The Conference

The chalkboard at the entrance of the conference (Image credit_Becky Demmen)

On Saturday 22nd May we had our Conference and we thought this would be a great opportunity to look at how each part of our project has informed and enhanced the other.

The Walks -> The Exhibition -> Conference

As you have seen from our previous blogs about the project so far, the idea of connecting creativity and wellbeing has been a constant through-line. Alongside that, has also been the theme of noticing nature in less obvious places. This was first demonstrated through our initial Artist-led community walks programme.

Whether we were writing, drawing, or having a conversation, it was all about looking at our links with the landscape and appreciating what we have around us. These initial walks are reflected in the expanded exhibition event programme (details below). These upcoming public events encourage enjoying nature through different lenses and reacting creatively. And these events are led, just as our community walks were, by exciting Artists with a unique perspective on our project’s themes.

Nurturing connections

The project’s themes and ideas were also carried through to our conference and you could see this in the Artist/speakers who were involved, the displays and the conversations had on the day.

Jason Evans

Photographer Jason Evans spoke about working with the community-led The Garden Gate Project in Thanet in east Kent. He shared his approach to picture-making, building a tool shed darkroom, the joy of learning from working with neurodiverse creativity and working with photographer Brendan Barry.

James Aldridge

The Artist behind Queer River spoke about walks along rivers with others to create and document emergent responses in writing, making & drawing.

Bill Vine

He introduced his acousmatic composition designed for loudspeakers and not performance, his approach to the creation of northsong. Whilst sharing his practice of soundwalks, listening to environmental sounds, the sense of belonging, and the place and time it provides.

Jacques Nimki

How can you make images of what a garden might be without having a garden? Jaques Nimki described the moment he realised that it was always there, it’s about asking the right questions. Well expressed by his 56 elusive works installed around the exhibition space. (See if you can spot them all!)

Genevieve speaking during the Artist Q&A. (Image credit_Becky Demmen)

Those that came to the conference were then invited to ask these Artists along with Kaavous Clayton of originalprojects; and Genevieve about their work and approaches.

We then split into two breakout rooms.

One led by Genevieve looking at what Community arts and participatory engagement means in the current climate, and one with writer, professor and musician George McKay looking at Eco-politics. It felt wonderfully open and although no large conclusions were bought to the sharing session afterwards, there was certainly a lot of important and interesting ground covered.

The day ended with an invitation to share contact details with each other to perhaps continue this sharing and learning to give this space we created, room to grow.

The days work was well supported by the display from Company Drinks (and their delicious forages cordials which were available to rehydrate us all) and the information panels provided by Climate Museum UK that gave a wider context to our discussions.

And all of this happened with the backdrop of the artwork and pamphlet created by our community group during that initial walks programme. It was great to feel a connection to those walks throughout the conference day and in the exhibition itself. The sessions they enjoyed together fuel the thinking and sharing we can do now and the visual reminders of the work they did on display keep that connection present.

George McKay leading a discussion on Eco-politics (Image credit_Becky Demmen)

Genevieve Rudd offers a reflection on the day itself:

It was a pleasure to hear how the artists each found a deeper connection to places and communities by adopting a slower way of noticing the natural world using multi-disciplinary creative perspectives. Thank you to everyone who was part of making the Conference day!

Videos of all of the Artist Presentations will be released soon so keep an eye out if you want to watch those. If you want to read all of the live updates that were shared on twitter then head over to there. It’s a really interesting account of the day.

Tickets are still available for our walks but they are booking up fast so make sure you get yours soon!


Limited Tickets Available

Listen in closer to the sonic landscape of Great Yarmouth on a sound walk led by Bill Vine. The walks will allow time for both meditative listening and an opportunity to learn more about the local environment

Tue, Jun 8
10:30 – 12:00 | Booking link 
13:00 – 14:30 | Booking link


An opportunity to join artist Jacques Nimki for a walk around Great Yarmouth town centre. Explore the urban landscape, through an interaction with plants that are often overlooked, inhabiting places that are usually neglected or unexplored

Wed, 9 June 2021
14:00 – 15:30Booking link (open to general public)
16:00 – 17:30 | Booking link LIMITED AVAILABILITY (open to educators working with Primary age children)


This inclusive introductory session is intended as open-source conversation-starter to identify and explore shared interests in the radical nature of fermentation, slow living, holistic health and resourcefulness 

Sat, 12 June
12:00 – 16:00 | Booking Link



Genevieve Rudd invites you to discover the magic of Cyanotype ‘blueprint’ photography, based on drawings and found objects in outdoor locations around town

Wed, 16 June 2021


These fun, informal sessions are designed to expand your experience of photography ideas and techniques, responding to project exhibition.

Walking and looking with a medium format film camera, participants will create a record of unexpected nature and organic surprises in Great Yarmouth over the Summer Solstice weekend.

Participants can bring their own photography kit (camera or camera phone). No previous experience is necessary to take part.

Sat, 19 June
10:30 – 13:00 | Booking Link
15:00 – 17:30 | Booking Link

Sun, 20 June
10:30 – 13:00 | Booking Link
16:00 – 18:30 | Booking Link



We’d like you to explore the spaces around you – your garden, the path outside your house or a local park – and gather together a small posie of flowers to be part of the exhibition.

Bring your posie to the exhibition. On arrival, you’ll be invited to write a short note about where you collected them. Then, place your arrangement in the dedicated display. 

Remember to pick responsibly! 


Do you grow edibles in your garden or allotment? Into jamming, preserving or lacto-fermenting? Avid about brewing or sourdough baking? Are you an expert home composter?

We’re inviting you to bring your knowledge, tips and tricks to share with others at #MyJam. Tell us about what your jam is on our form