2021-2022: TRASH <—> TREASURE

I’ve been invited to participate in the British Council supported Trash <—> Treasure residency project. Over 5 months, 4 UK-based artists and 4 Malaysia-based artists will take part in an exchange of ‘trash’ materials to re-work, evolve or inspire new artwork and ideas. The project is part of the British Council’s Connections Through Culture grant programme

Trash <—> Treasure is a residency programme that celebrates trash as a meeting point for culture sharing, sparking new conversations between creative practitioners from various disciplines. Through the project, exchange and process, we will be exploring:

  • can trash reveal to us our cultural differences and similarities?
  • what is trash to you?
  • how does trash interact with our creative practice?
  • where is the line between trash and material?
  • are there new narratives to be found in trash exchange?

The UK-based artists are: Ummi Junid (project lead), Caroline Hyde-Brown, Nur Hannah Wan and Genevieve Rudd. The Malaysia-based artists are: Joanne Loo (project lead), Abdul Shakir, Fariza Azlina and KC Tan

In February 2022, there will be a simultaneous exhibition of the project in the UK and Malaysia – to be announced

To find out more about the project, contact or visit: