During Summer 2021, I was commissioned by Edible East to be part of the first art, science and horticulture trail of the ambitious Norwich project. Working in conversation with Rach Anstey-Sanders, I will be based at Hungate for the duration of the summer holidays in August working on my project each week

I will nurture a piece of work called Planting Colour, a living piece working with the natural light-sensitivity of plants. I will grow plants in the garden at Hungate and at home to make Anthotype photographic prints, an environmentally-sustainable and chemical-free heritage technique. The prints will be exposed onto hand-made paper made from recycled materials and re-made into new paper once the prints have faded. The form of the paper will be flints, traced from the exterior walls of Hungate

In collaboration, Rach and I will be sharing ‘waste’ resources from each other’s processes in their own work. At the same time, Rach has made some sculpted handfuls of soil. They contain seeds for edible plants and can be seen outside the church. The installation will change and evolve over time as Rach harvests the growing salad greens, and produces more handfuls of soil