2021- ongoing: Solar Dyeing

In September 2021, I started an on-going exploration of light, colour, seasons and impermanence. I was drawn back to Solar Dyeing jars, using plants I’ve grown in my garden, foraged locally during walks, or kitchen food waste otherwise designated for composting. The jars are exposed in the sunshine over various periods from weeks to months. The fabrics in the jars include silk, wool and cotton, including scrap pieces of cotton that had accidently absorbed Cyanotype photographic chemical and charity shop finds

The jars I slowly dyed between September and December 2021 were displayed as part of We Wear The Trousers & University of East Anglia’s ‘Hello Future Fashion’ exhibition in October 2021, programmed as part of the annual Norwich Science Festival
These slow seasonal textile patches and samples are being used to create a new hand-stitched textile piece documenting the turning of the wheel through local plants and seasonal colour