2021: Storm Darcy

During Storm Darcy in February 2021, I was experimenting with combining ice and snow with Cyanotype photographic chemicals in my garden. I first started exploring this technique earlier in the year, in January, by pre-freezing the chemical and letting it melt overnight to create sporadic exposures and patterns

Over several days, during the snow, freezing temperatures and sleet of Storm Darcy, I played with different ways of creating long (1 to 7 day) exposures outdoors. For example, I made snow balls mixed with Cyanotype, created pre-frozen blocks of photographic emulsion, or painted the paper and allowed the mixture to thaw and re-freeze overnight

The resulting patterns of exposure show unexpected markings and details of the ice and water created by weather and time

Above: Ice snow balls, 8th February 2021; below: Thawed and re-frozen Cyanotypes, 8th to 15th February 2021