2023: Noon to Moon at First Light Festival

As part of the First Light Festival in Lowestoft, Suffok on Saturday 17th June 2023, I offered a contribution to the Noon to Moon installation in Kensington Gardens. The Gardens run along the top of the cliff, facing the beach. During the morning of the Festival, I set-up a cyanotype photographic print in the park, arranged with plants that I’d previously collected and pressed from around the park

Towards the end of the afternoon, once after soaking up the sun rays during the Festival, the print was washed in the North Sea. Over the next 24 hours, the deep Prussian blue tones of the print developed and darkened

Thanks to Kaavous Clayton for lending the perfect sized offcut of perspex, John Christie for finding the ideal spot in the park, and Claire Atherton for taking photos of the sea washing the print