2023: Out of the Blue exhibition, PRIMEYARC

I was invited by artist Joanna Holland to be part of her exhibition programme in late 2023, ‘Out of the Blue: Landscapes of Chronic Illness’. This is Joanna Holland’s first solo exhibition during which she will share her lived experience of chronic illness. The show, across multiple venues, brought together photographs, video, soundscapes and text from different bodies of work created over the last three years

Joanna Holland, canopy

‘Out of the Blue, will be touring to Attenborough Arts Centre, Leicester (28th July to 8th October 2023) and originalprojects, Great Yarmouth (21st October to 17th December 2023). In the latter exhibition, My work was incuded along with artists Caroline Cardus and Dolly Sen. Selected works will also be featured on Wysing Arts’ digital platform ‘Wysing Broadcasts’ later in the year. ‘Out of the Blue: Landscapes of Chronic Illness’ was supported by Arts Council England included my full moon cycles which I hsd been creating since December 2022