Under Open Sky

Company number: 13639297

Under Open Sky is a not-for-profit organisation I founded in 2021. Our mission is to create spaces to explore the changing coastal climate. We seek to celebrate our universal connection to the sea by delving deeper into the stories, mythologies, culture, science and heritage of the coast. We’re informed by the climate and ecological crisis and do what we can to take action and nurture hope

For up-to-date information on Under Open Sky’s programme of events and project, visit: @UnderOpenSkyLtd on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, or visit our website: www.underopensky.co.uk

Experiences that start with sea: creative, curious & coastal

Creative | We celebrate multidisciplinary ways of engaging with the coast. Through our minds and bodies, through stories and science, we value the lived and learned knowledge of the sea

Curious | We’re open-minded and want to delve deeper with our local communities. We use different tools for connecting and want to share these experiences

Coastal | To us, the coast isn’t just the beach (as much as we love sandy toes!) but it’s also all the places impacted by the sea and coastline. This includes the architecture, infrastructure, rivers and other bodies of water, as well as the impact on people’s identities