Under Open Sky

Company number: 13639297

Under Open Sky’s mission is to create spaces to explore the changing coastal climate. We seek to celebrate our universal connection to the sea by delving deeper into the stories, mythologies, culture, science and heritage of the coast. We’re informed by the climate and ecological crisis and do what we can to take action and nurture hope

Experiences that start with sea: creative, curious & coastal

Creative | We celebrate multidisciplinary ways of engaging with the coast. Through our minds and bodies, through stories and science, we value the lived and learned knowledge of the sea

Curious | We’re open-minded and want to delve deeper with our local communities. We use different tools for connecting and want to share these experiences

Coastal | To us, the coast isn’t just the beach (as much as we love sandy toes!) but it’s also all the places impacted by the sea and coastline. This includes the architecture, infrastructure, rivers and other bodies of water, as well as the impact on people’s identities

March to November 2022: Women Walking Wild

Walks programme in Great Yarmouth with clients from Feathers Futures charity funded by the National Lottery Community Fund. The project will take place from Spring to Autumn 2022. The walking sessions will be co-led by Genevieve Rudd and Beth Stephens, an eco-therapist and founder of Nature In Mind

The aim of the project is to nurture nature-connection, get to know the local area and find out more about the local environment, through arts, wellbeing and environmental activities. The project will culminate in an exhibition curated by JMC Anderson

In July 2022, the project was featured on BBC Radio Norfolk, on the Sophie Little Show, as part of the Creative Lives On Air feature. Listen on BBC iPlayer from 13 minutes


24th July 2022: Beach Labyrinth

A creative and reflective experience on Gorleston-on-sea beach. Together, we co-created the sand labyrinth, walked its path and let the tide wash our footprints, dreams and intentions back into the sea. We made space space to consider our relationship to the coast, through creativity, reflection and action

As well as walking the sand labyrinth with The Beach Labyrinth Norfolk, there was litter picking with Norfolk Beach Cleans, reflective writing with Ligia Macedo (National Centre for Writing) and information about Refill Gorleston-on-sea

The event was co-led and supported by Culture Declares Emergency, with additional funding from Norfolk County Council’s Arts Project Fund

Visit the Facebook event for more details


September 2022: Coasters (pilot)

In the Coasters programme, we’ll explore a range of ways to get to know your local coastal ecosystems, including arts-based approaches, citizen science and environmental learning. We’ll make time and space to find a deeper connection with the landscape (or should that be seascape!) on your doorstep

The sessions in this pilot programme are supported by the Arnold Clark Community Fund and the Marina Centre


6th October 2022: Artful Elements, Walk Norfolk Festival

Join local artist Genevieve Rudd, from Under Open Sky, for a stroll along the mouth River Yare as it enters from the North Sea in Gorleston-on-sea. During the walk you can notice the meeting of humans and other species in the landscape, including industrial structures, the tidal river, birds and an abundance of wildflowers and plants. Along the journey, Genevieve will guide you with some creative activities to help connect with and explore the location. 

Visit the Pathmakers website for more info and booking details