Image credit: Becky Demmen/Supporting Your Art

Yarmouth Springs Eternal is an arts, nature and walking project based in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. It took place from the Spring Equinox to Summer Solstice in 2021

In 2021, Yarmouth Springs Eternal was shortlisted for the IPSE Freelancer Award: Freelancing Project Award

The overall ethos of Yarmouth Springs Eternal project is about connecting with nature and seasons, with a particular focus on overlooked spaces and everyday interactions. The project explores the importance of this relationship on our wellbeing, the feeling of wholeness connecting with nature can bring, and the “awe” of being part of something bigger. Yarmouth Springs Eternal is also underpinned by research outlining the inequality of access to green/natural space in the UK, whilst challenging definitions of what “nature” means and how we can engage with it in meaningful ways

The 2021 programme was led by Genevieve Rudd, in partnership with Great Yarmouth-based arts charity originalprojects;. The project was made possible with generous funding and support from Norfolk & Norwich Festival’s Creative Individuals Norfolk fund, Arts Council National Lottery Project Grants, East Anglia Art Fund, Norfolk County Council’s Arts Project Fund and Better Together Norfolk

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There are plans to lead a second year of Yarmouth Springs Eternal in 2022 – watch this space!


In 2021, the programme happened in two phases: a community programme (April-May) and a public programme (May-June)

The community programme was a series of walks/workshops led by visiting artists, with adults connected to Herring House Trust homelessness and GYROS migration support charities, supported by Project Assistant Moyses Gomes. The public programme was open to all and centred on the exhibition from 19th May to 20th June 2021, with free events, a one day conference, walks/workshops and a resource booklet:

  • April-May | Community walks/workshops led by Genevieve Rudd, Georgie Manly, Ligia Macedo, Mark Cator and Kaavous Clayton
  • Wednesday 19th May to Sunday 20th June | Exhibition, featuring Yarmouth Springs Eternal community walks/workshops artwork, alongside Bill Vine, Company Drinks, Jacques Nimki, James Aldridge and Jason Evans, plus Climate Museum UK and living & fermenting evolving displays
  • Saturday 22nd May | Conference (see recordings of the presentations on Vimeo, made by Supporting Your Art)
  • Tuesday 8th June | Sonic Landscapes with Bill Vine – sound walks through Great Yarmouth
  • Wednesday 9th June | Wandering Viewpoints with Jacques Nimki – plant walks, including a walk for primary educators/artists
  • Saturday June 12th | #MyJam Culture Sharing Lab – fermenting, preserving and swapping food cultures
  • Wednesday June 16th | Cyanotype Photography with Genevieve Rudd – blue print photography at the park
  • Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th June | Photowalk with Jason Evans – gentle photography walk
  • June | Launch of the Yarmouth Springs Eternal Play Book (download link below)
  • All events were based on PRIMEYARC, Market Gates Shopping Centre, Great Yarmouth, NR30 2BG

To help these events to happen, Yarmouth Springs Eternal was also supported by Supporting Your Art, Norwici Print and Red Herring Press with online and print marketing


 The Yarmouth Springs Eternal Play Book features creative activities, prompts and ideas for all ages to discover ways to connect with the natural world, especially whilst walking around town centres like Great Yarmouth on the Norfolk coast. The Play Book is a useful companion to take on a walk for playful inspiration

The Play Book features ideas from Georgie Manly, Genevieve Rudd, Gia Leboeuf Mawusi, Kaavous Clayton and Mark Cator. These artists led the initial community walks/workshops programme from April 2021 in partnership with local members of the community. It was designed and printed by Norwici Print, and made possible with funds from Arts Council National Lottery Project Grants

You can pick up a printed copy from PRIMEYARC in Market Gates Shopping Centre, Great Yarmouth or download a version to print at home