13th May 2022: Folk Features article on Yarmouth Springs Eternal

Feedback from a Yarmouth Springs Eternal community workshop in March 2022

I was invited by Folk Features to write an article about the Yarmouth Springs Eternal project so far, before we launch our public programme of community-led events on 19th to 21st May. In Get Creative, Get Outdoors I talk about the background to the project, our intentions this year and our celebration of Creativity & Wellbeing Week 2022

What I think people get out of Yarmouth Springs Eternal is something time and geographically specific, whilst also being very universal and bigger than just the project.

What I mean by that is this project is about Great Yarmouth in Springtime. We’re very honest and open-hearted about how Spring presents to us, we explore the streets as much as we explore the more ‘natural’ spaces. We’re very open to complexity too, recognising that we’re in a time of climate and ecological emergency, and that much that we often define as ‘nature’ is manicured from a human perspective.

By describing the project as ‘universal’, I mean that we, as humans, are nature too. We are in this ecosystem and it’s our right – whoever we are, whatever our experience is – to honour and celebrate our role within the natural world. Our lived experiences shouldn’t be a barrier to this connect. This is what we try to do through Yarmouth Springs Eternal: we bring a huge range of life experiences, but the thing that connects us all is our essential relationship to nature.

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