14th March 2022: Yarmouth Springs Eternal, workshop 1

We started our community workshop series this week, facilitated by Ligia Macedo. Beginnings can be difficult, but Ligia is a friend of the project and her activity last year was received with a very warm and positive response, so we knew we were in safe hands!

Ligia facilitated a creative writing workshop themed around Inside Out and Outside In. We explored different ways to connect with our internal feelings and external surroundings – and expressed these through written and spoken words. We walked to the cemetery (a favourite spot from last year too!) to experience the “calm” and feel “untroubled”. Before writing a collaborative poem and a private text to ourselves of how to hold onto feeling “serene” in nature, when living in a “chaotic” world

This is the poem we created collaboratively, after collecting and selecting words through the session:

Wishes are blue

But dreams can come true

Smell of wet dog

Not like fish and chips on paper

Curious tears like water down a window

Brings fresh tangerine sunshine

Murmurations of the mind

Paintbrushes the identity of Joaninha

Thoughts of people who are no longer here

Boundaries could be the food for anger

The rosary garlic flowers gargoyles into angels