22nd February 2022: Trash <-> Treasure residency exhibition

Today the Trash <-> Treasure project exhibition opens at Anteros Arts Foundation, Norwich. It’ll be open until Saturday 26th February 2022 and includes artwork produced by the UK artists in the residency project supported by British Council. Over 5 months, 8 artists in the UK and Malaysia took part in a postal exchange of ‘trash’ as the starting point of a cultural exchange. The exhibition features work by Caroline Hyde-Brown, Nur Hannah Wan and myself, plus UK-project lead, Ummi Junid

Inspired by the experience, I created a series of Cyanotype photographic prints. They feature beach-combed materials across the continents and weathered marks of rain and hail, and were washed and processed with collected seawater. At the exhibition, I also curated a selection of the rubbish materials we received in the UK at the entrance of the exhibition space, to set the context for the experiments we then went on to explore